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How to Brush and Comb for that Professional Look

Yorkies for Sale, Yorkies Babies, Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming a long haired dog, in this case a Yorkshire Terrier, is less time consuming and difficult than you might think at first If you can manage to spend about fifteen minutes a day taking care of your pet's coat, you will already have fulfilled a major part of the grooming requirements.

Coat Care for Young Yorkies

    Grooming the puppy's short coat is not particularly involved or time consuming. First, give the puppies hair a good going-over with the wire brush. Then comb it smooth. Don't forget the belly and chest hair, because it mats easily if not combed daily.

    By the age of six to eight months, the Yorkies hair will be long enough to require more extensive grooming.

Combing and Brushing

    Unlike other dogs, the Yorkie does not shed twice a year. The few hairs it does lose will come off the comb and brush.

    Preparations: First loosen the hair with the wire brush, to get ride of minor tangles. Then use your fingers to loosen the remaining knots of hair.

    Combing: Always start at the tips of the hair. Hold the hair close to the skin with one hand, and comb through the outer most third until the comb meats no more resistance. Do the same with the remaining two thirds, until the comb glides smoothly along the hair shafts from roots to tips.

    Brush massage: After combing, brush the coat thoroughly with the wire brush. Your Yorkie will enjoy this massage. The procedure also removes loose hairs and stimulates circulation. Don't forget to brush the belly and chest hair as well, since it tends to mat.

    Finishing the coat:Spray the wire brush with hair spray, and distribute it evenly through the coat with swift strokes of the brush. Next, "polish" the hair with the natural bristle brush. After you have finished, your Yorkies coat will have a metallic gleam and hang completely straight.

    TIP: After every walk, carefully inspect the dog's coat for souvenirs such as grass pollen or tiny twigs, and remove them at once. That will keep the coat from getting matted.

Styling the Hair

    Making a part: the hair on the Yorkies body should hang down smoothly on both sides; there-fore even with a young dog you need to use the comb to create a part from the bridge of the nose all the way to the end of the tail.

    Tying a topknot: The Yorkies trade mark is the tuft of hair held together with a little bow, known as the topknot. It keeps the long hair from hanging in the dogs face and eyes.

    • On each side, part the hair from the corner of the eye up toward the ear.
    • Gather these sections, along with the hair on the back of the head into a fall.
    • Fasten the topknot together in a ponytail with a rubber hair band (.4 inch, or 1 cm, in diameter).
    • Over the rubber band, fasten a plastic barrette (with or without a bow).
  • Caution: Don't pull the hair for the topknot too tight. Never catch part of the skin in the topknot as that can cause ugly bare patches to develop between the ears, which might be mistaken for baldness or a case of skin fungus. Whenever you work on the head of the dog, watch out not to endanger the eyes.

    Other Grooming Procedures

    Care of the beard: The Yorkies beard has to be groomed daily.

    • After every meal use a damp cloth to remove bites of food from your pet's beard and muzzle area.
    • Next, cob the beard and the hair beneath the muzzle. On each side of the dogs head, pull the comb through the hair, starting at the bridge of the nose and working downward. The long, golden beard - one of the typical Yorkie attributes - can reach all the way to the ground, with proper grooming. To keep it at that length, however, you have to put it up in curlpapers. Even with out being rolled up, though, your Yorkies beard will reach a considerable length.
  • Cleaning the hindquarters: Daily coat care also includes checking the Yorkies rear end, since bites of excrement some times gets caught in the long hair there and form crusts. Remove them with a damp cloth to prevent your dogs anal region from becoming badly inflamed.

    Setting the Hair in Curlpapers:

    All the Yorkies that appear in dog shows have long, gorgeous hair. To reach this length, the hair has to be set n curlpapers regularly, after the dog is bathed. This serves only to protect the hair, so that it looses none of its beauty when the dog is romping around in the house and the yard.

    Setting the hair is also a way of furnishing evidence of the hair texture specified in the breed standard, which is a major criterion for judging a show dog. Hair of poor quality will never reach the floor length, no matter how assiduously the owner rolls it; it wil reach moderate length, then break off.

    Yorkies can have three coat types.

  • Silky coat This kind of coat is optimum and it should be shiny, silky, soft and fine. Generally this kind of coat will feel cool to the touch.
  • Woolly coat This kind of coat is very thick and dark in color - almost a blue-black or dark steel blue. Because of the nature and texture of this kind of coat, the Yorkie with a woolly coat doesn't require baths quite as often. This coat can be difficult to manage for the average person and most people who have a woolly coated Yorkie find that keeping them in a short cut is preferred - both for the owner and the Yorkie.
  • Cottony coat This kind of coat tends to break and will characteristically be thin and look dry or "fuzzy" at the ends. Care must be given when brushing this kind of coat as additional breakage can occur very easily.

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